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June 15, 2024
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Play Australian Rules Football in St. Louis!

Aussie Rules is a fast, competitive sport

The St. Louis Australian Rules Football Club is a founding member of the USAFL and competes against other clubs throughout the midwest and locally in our Metro league.

We are recruiting for the 2024 season. We train in Forest Park at 6 PM on Mondays at the rugby field on Lindell and Thursdays at Langenberg. We welcome all newcomers!

Contact us or just come by!

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On Ball

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Frequently asked questions

Australian Rules Football is a full contact game that is unique and distinguished from other sports.

Aussie Rules is primarily a kicking game. The ball is often in dispute, creating a frantic pursuit of the ball. Possession is maintained through skilled movement including kicks and handballs. Think keep away like you played as a kid, only with goals and rules of movement.

The sport favors speed, skill, fitness, and team tactics. Australian Rules athletes are among the fittest in the world.

We are recruiting new players for the 2024 season and want you to come give this sport a try! Come have a kick!

No. Rugby is more akin to American football with opposing teams on opposite sides of the field.

Aussie rules is primarily a kicking game with players spread around an oval larger than a soccer field. The ball is moved through quick disposals by kicking or punching the ball.

Getting tackled while possessing the ball may result in a turnover which creates a fast and urgent pace of play. Those who master the skills and stay cool under pressure make excellent players.

Action can come from all around. There is no offsides and the play is 360 degrees. The sport is fast, creative, and physically demanding, but there is no sport on Earth quite like it or as fun.

Aussie Rules is played on a large oval with typically 16 to 18 per side. The line up is 360 degrees. Players on both teams are spread around the entire pitch.

The ball is moved by either kicking it or punching it with your hand. You can run with the ball, but it must touch the ground every 10 meters or so.

A caught kick is called a “mark”. A mark stops play and the receiver has the option to have a free kick or play on.

Goals are scored by kicking the ball between four tall posts on either end of the field. The kick between the two in the middle is called a “major” and is worth 6 points. A kick between the two outer posts is called a “behind” and is worth one.

USAFL games are typically 80 minutes long. Although draws are rare, there are no tie breakers in league play.

Aussie Rules is known for its fast and frenetic pace as packs of athletes scramble to gain possession of the ball. Maintaining possession and advancing the ball down the field requires skill, team tactics, and a cool head.

Aussie Rules is played throughout the United States. Most cities have a club. At the end of each season, clubs from around the country come together for nationals where over 1000 players converge to test their skills in a weekend of matches.

The St. Louis Blues A.F.C. welcomes all athletes and supporters! Contact Coach Richard Lozano at coach@bluesfooty.com today or call/text (314) 270-2565!

You can also complete an online form here

St. Louis vs. Tulsa 7/22/2023

Defrosters Continue Reign of Terror

Defrosters win again in a much closer match. Final Score City Hall 13.10.88Defrosters 15.11.101 Defroster’s captain Alex “Taj” Tajkowski was unavailable for comment due to running numerous victory laps after the game. City Hall captain Joel “Frosty” Friesen vowed revenge. “I’ll get that guy,” said Frosty. BOG was awarded...

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Defrosters Dominate in First Metro

In the first metro contest of the 2024 season, the Defrosters dominated play, impeaching City Hall 15.12.102 to 4.12.36. On a crisp, sunny Saturday at the Cricket Field in Forest Park, The Defrosters filibustered City Hall by committee. A group effort tabled every motion and maneuver by City Hall....

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The Blues Open the Season!

The St. Louis Australian Rules Football Club opened the 2024 season with a very successful camp April 6. Spirits are high as the Blues completed a four hour session at Forest Park. Regular training begins Monday, April 8 at 6 PM at the rugby field at Lindell. All are...

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Open House April 20

The St. Louis Australian Football Club will hold an open house at the Cricket Field in Forest Park on April 20, 2024 from 10 AM to noon. Our open house is intended to introduce the great sport of Australian Rules Football to newcomers and to give new players an...

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St. Louis Kicks Off April 6

The St. Louis Australian Rules Football Club kicks off the 2024 season with Footy Camp at the Forest Park Cricket Field April 6 at 10 AM. All newcomers are welcome! You should bring comfortable athletic wear that you would wear for a soccer game including soccer shoes. You should...

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New Board Elected; Gravelle Named President & General Manager

The St. Louis Blues Australian Football Club has named a new board and president. From left to right, Vice President Mark Politz, Secretary Pete Nagel, Member at Large Rhiannon Duryea, President/General Manager Robert Gravelle, and Treasurer/Social Media Mogul Stephen Zenishek. Gravelle moved to St. Louis from Chicago and together...

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Lozano Takes Coaching Reins

Former player and assistant Richard Lozano takes over as senior coach of the St. Louis Australian Football Club for the 2024 season. Coach Lozano began his career with Aussie Rules in 1998 as one of the earlier members of The Blues. Lozano was slated to join the coaching staff...

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