Defrosters Dominate in First Metro

In the first metro contest of the 2024 season, the Defrosters dominated play, impeaching City Hall 15.12.102 to 4.12.36.

On a crisp, sunny Saturday at the Cricket Field in Forest Park, The Defrosters filibustered City Hall by committee. A group effort tabled every motion and maneuver by City Hall.

St. Louis was joined by four guest players from Lindenwood rugby including Australian Leander McQuade, far right.

Blues legend Dave Zitko won BOG honors followed by Alex “Taj” Tajkowski and Leander McQuade while Mark “Pinky” Politz took down the first ever Smooth Operator Award (SOA) for his saucy moves on the pitch. Following up were Leander McQuade and Aaron “Dondo” Elizondo.

Can City Hall rebound with the return of their fearless leader Joel “Frosty” Friesen?  Or is it meeting adjourned for the bombastic bureaucrats?

Find out May 11. Same time. Same channel!

May 11

Ball up 11 AM

Cricket Field in Forest Park

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